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MSNBC’s Adam Serwer excludes ‘Morning Joe’ crew from ‘Pajama Boy’ shame

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
Font Size: writer Adam Serwer took to Twitter today to insist that conservatives making fun of the “pajama boy” Obamacare ad are all “gay baiting” and “cyberbullying.”

Oh really. Might he want to include Mika and Joe in that mix?

Specifically on Twitter, he reasoned, “Gay-baiting OFA’s pajama boy ad doesn’t make you look tough, it just makes you look sad.” He linked to his story and promo’ed it by saying, “why conservatives are cyberbulling an advertisement.”

 On he wrote:

“How could the sight of an earnest twenty something in pajamas drive so many dashing specimens of unassailable masculinity to complete panic? The paradox of our gender enforcers that they never sound more terrified than when addressing a person who doesn’t fit their standards. It’s an abject terror that masquerades as courage, relying on the reader not to know the difference. Pajama Boy is both a weak, effeminate symbol to be mocked, and the unstoppable 200-foot tall Kaiju wrecking their shining city on a hill.”

Oh the outrage! Now, somewhat uncomfortably, “Morning Joe” — the morning show of the network Serwer works for — did some pajama shaming of their own this morning, with hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinksi making endless fun of Pajama Boy. Scarborough couldn’t contain himself. At one point, they made fun of Politico CEO and President Jim VandeHei, a morning guest on the show, saying that he resembled Pajama Boy. VandeHei also could not suppress his laughter. Mika squeaked with laughter as she read National Review’s Rich Lowry’s piece for Politico Magazine, describing the Rachel Maddow look-alike boy (our words) as an “insufferable man-child.”

Serwer might steer clear of the “Morning Joe” crew for the next few days or else, here’s an idea, include them in his hit piece on conservatives.