George Will: Obama would be better off today if Supreme Court voted down Obamacare

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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George Will said Sunday that President Obama would be in a better position today if the Supreme Court ruled his health care law was unconstitutional in 2012.

“By now it seems to me fair to say three things,” Will said on “Fox News Sunday,” speaking of the implementation of the president’s health care law. “First: If he told the truth about the law — about keeping your doctor and your health care — he probably wouldn’t have been elected in 2012. Second: He’d  be better off today if in 2012 the chief justice had voted the other way and [the Supreme Court] had struck down the law. It wouldn’t be such a burden on this presidency.”

“But beyond that, we’ve now added to incompetence and dishonesty, naked unfairness,” Will continued. “When he says, ‘if you had health insurance and it was canceled, you’re preferred. If you didn’t have health insurance you could still be punished by the government for not getting it.’ People just think it’s … unfair.”

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