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How dare you question Meghan McCain’s relationship with God? 

“Anybody on here questioning my relationship with God, honestly. how dare you. Go back and read the Bible again before judging me and my life.” — Meghan McCain, the always low-key daughter of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.).


Roseanne weighs in on Duck Dynasty debacle  

“Christian right wingers are the FIRST ppl who try to get ppl kicked off TV for their views. #karmaisabitch” — Former presidential hopeful and actress/comedian Roseanne Barr.


What happened to Justine Sacco: Right or wrong? 

  • “This is why twitter won’t last long term and why I won’t buy its stock. When ppl can be ruined by one tweet…” — RedState and FNC’s Erick Erickson.
  • “The twitter mob will come for you some day. If you don’t think so, you’re wrong.” — Washington Examiner‘s Tim Carney.
  • “Quick, everyone hop on the ‘Twitter made that poor racist woman feel bad and how dare they’ bandwagon.” — Oliver Griswold, political consultant at gmmb.
  • “Well that was bizarre and sad. Goodnight all.” — Politico‘s Ben White.
  • “In the end, most social media advice can be boiled down to a simple phrase: Don’t be an asshole.” — Brad Phillips, who write the Mr. Media Training blog.
  • “Kinda had my fill with people freaking the hell out and going mob over stuff people say.” — TheBlazeDana Loesch.
  • “It’s great. The whole family has gathered around the laptop awaiting Justine’s arrival! I’ve knitted a noose!” — FNC’s Greg Gutfeld.
  • “BuzzFeed plucked some nobody for a witch hunt & now she’s fired & nationally notorious? Vile. Couldn’t “white” have been defensible…statement about injustice of how AIDS in Africa is disproportionately ravaging blacks? No one waited. Just screamed BURN HER! wow.” — Breitbart editor John Nolte.
  • “My brother’s taking so long in the bathroom I’m tempted to go all #HasJustineLandedYet on him.” — Mediaite‘s Josh Feldman. What this even means is anyone’s guess.
  • “The word “hero” is thrown around a lot these days, but the link-bait heroes at @BuzzFeed can’t be praised enough for their actions today. I want to thank @BuzzFeedAndrew for protecting the world from unknown women who make dumb jokes on Twitter.” — Townhall‘s Derek Hunter.
  • “The Duck Dynasty thing is really the perfect political controversy for an extended family gathering.” — Slate‘s Matthew Yglesias.
More ‘Take This Town and Shove It’ fallout from a drunk guy 
“Drunk at a party in DC. Must be time to move to Kentucky where there’s no bourbon.” — Slate‘s Yglesias in some attempt at humor over Lexington Herald-Leader political reporter Sam Youngman‘s story for Politico Magazine.
Terrible holiday news
“Update fm @Amtrak on DC-NY route. Two people struck by train. Apparent suicides. Trains not moving either direction. Sad holiday phenom.” — Evan Perez, CNN Justice and National Security reporter.
On Obama duty in Hawaii
“There’s nothing quite like trying to fall asleep to the sound of drunk tourists singing ‘Silent Night’ (off-key) on the beach in Waikiki.” — LAT‘s Maeve Reston.
Schlubby dudes not welcome
“My Friday night Tweeting isn’t an invite for schlubby prog men to go all Roxbury in my timeline. Get dates or cats, dudes.” — TheBlaze‘s Loesch.
Journo’s daughter grasps for that “lobbyist” word 
“College daughter, momentarily blanking on ‘lobbyist’ to describe profession of classmate’s parent: ‘one of those people who bother Congress'” — CNBC and NYT‘s John Harwood.
And now a vine about cupcakes from NBC’s Luke Russert… Watch here. But just watch once. Repeated watching of this will make you crazy.
Travel bitches
“Gonna try to keep the travel whining to a minimum, but there are not enough bloody marys in the world for 4 hours in a middle seat.” — Politico‘s Summers.
“I’ve been on the Amtrak for more than five hours enroute to NYC. Accident back in Maryland. Thoughts and prayers for the victims. Mercy!” — CNN and ABC Democratic commentator Donna Brazile.
“Stuck on Amtrak in Philadelphia heading home to MD. Conductor says can’t move until “police activity cleared ahead”…No ETA when that’ll be.” — Alex Moe, NBC News producer.
“Man, @SouthwestAir is getting a bad rap in my house! Sister @zesigns got in late last night. No bags. Today, still no bags. NOT good.” — TV One’s Roland Martin.
Quite Car Drama
“QUIET CAR FRACAS! THERE IS CURSING! Guy talked on cell phone. Fellow passenger (correctly) shushed him. Guy would not be quiet and retaliated with a ‘fuck you’!” — Marketplace’ Lizzie O’Leary. “On a positive note, I might not have known @lizzieohreally was on my quiet car if not for filth-mouth man.” — The Takeaway’s Todd Zwillich.
Journo’s shoulder in pain 
“My right shoulder is so sore today just From shooting less than 10 shells from that 12 gauge shotgun.”  TWT senior op-ed writer Emily Miller, author of Emily Gets her Gun.
Ex-Romney reporter sick of White House reporters
“Obama press conference shows me I follow too many WH reporters. Time for Hunger Games-style elimination to thin the herd.” —  Kansas City TV reporter Garrett Haake, formerly covered the Mitt Romney presidential campaign for NBC News.