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Hinckley is home for the holidays. Politico‘s Roger Simon has the details John Hinckley, the man who shot President Reagan. Hinckley spends 17 days a month outside the mental institution he’s been sentenced to in Williamsburg, Va. with his mom . Who knew the Secret Service follows him wherever he goes? And he’s got crazy girlfriends (plural)? Read here.

Her legs hurt? Maybe the dumbest sentence in Mail Online‘s writeup of an US Weekly Magazine story on trouble in Tory Spelling‘s marriage to Dean McDermott is the line where hookup girl texts McDermott a day after their alleged sex and tells him “her legs hurt.” he ultimately says she “fucked up” and shouldn’t have slept with him. Read here. Ugh. Merry Christmas, Tory!

Slate‘s Matthew Yglesias’ reads stuff daily: ‘Things happen.’ Yglesias might be the dweebiest journalist in Washington. He definitely battles it out with other nerdy types like WaPo‘s Ezra Klein or Slate‘s Dave Weigel, but I’m willing to give him King Nerd Status just for today. The Wire releases his unbelievably geeky take on his media diet. The story is drawn from a phoner with Yglesias, in which he majorly nerds out, discusses the podcasts he listens to as he walks to or from work. My favorite two-word sentence comes when Yglesias discusses the dorky logistics of his day. An excerpt: “I’m in the office most days. Things happen. But I’ve got a big Apple Thunderbolt display here at the office. Plenty of screen real estate for things to be open. That’s better than looking at my laptop. It varies according to what’s going on in the day, but whenever I’m away from my desk for a while — whether it’s for lunch or because I was away interviewing someone or at the dentist or whatever — I go back to Twitter.” I’d like to know when Yglesias’ next dental appointment is. How the hell could The Wire leave readers hanging on that? Read the full story here.

Rep. Patrick Duffy is really fertile. The Hill‘s got the details on the Wisconsin Republican’s looming seventh child and why he thinks he’s so fertile.