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The Holiday Insanity Edition.

Journo promises impersonal presents for family members 

“Merry Christmas, 1/3 of my family, who will now get whatever is in my path as I run through Grand Central.” — Marketplace’s Lizzie O’Leary.

And an MSNBCer wants to wish “you right wingers” a questionably Merry Xmas

“I believe in Chist, I believe in Christmas, and I love my God. I believe that my God is a good God & if you right wingers think God thinks I’m lesser than you, THEN YOU’RE A PHARISEE. Good luck w that. Merry Christmas everyone!” — MSNBC Contributor Jimmy Williams, on a serious mission to bridge the divide between right and left.

Her mom asked what?

“Y’all, my mom just told me to Ask Jeeves something. Sorry, what year is it?” — Politico‘s Juana Summers.

Life’s little mysteries with Touré

“I love the whole pedestrian-wave-to-driver-who-lets-pedestrian-pass gesture, a polite wave that says ‘Hey, thanks for not killing me.'” — MSNBC’s Touré.

Reporter bonds with Whole Foods on Xmas Eve; seriously dumb convo ensues 

Washington Post‘s Brian Fung: “This Whole Foods is surprisingly packed.”

Jason Kuznicki: editor, Cato Institute: @b_fung I am surprised that you are surprised.

Brian Fung@JasonKuznicki there are even people buying whole trees still — what is this?!

Jason Kuznicki: “@b_fung Traditionally, December 25 was the first day of Christmas.”

Whole Foods Market: “b_fung Word on the streets, that is the case in most locations…hope you make it in and out quickly!”

WaPo‘s The Switch blogger Timothy Lee: “@b_fung @JasonKuznicki A lot of families have hte [sic] tradition of decorating on Christmas Eve.”

Jason Kuznicki: “@binarybits @b_fung Yep. It’s the more traditional way.”

Really Deep Thoughts With HuffPost’s Jason Linkins 

“Doesn’t take long for people to come begging for a perspective punch on Twitter. People are very needy and insecure this time of year.” — Linkins.

WTF? Journo complains about getting along with his family

“Here’s the thing about spending time w/ family: you realize that they don’t have different tastes in entertainment and it’s aggravating.” — Mediaite‘s Scandal ignorant Josh Feldman, who clearly doesn’t understand the true meaning of Christmas.


“Hurry, fellas. Not much time left to finish your Christmas manscaping.” — WaPo‘s Hank Stuever.


Comcast tries to destroy Christmas with tacky cold calls 

“Dear @comcast @comcastcares @ComcastBill: It is very tacky to be calling customers on Christmas Eve, trying to get them to upgrade service.” — Cameron Gray‘s NRA News.

Writer goes a little overboard on coffee ingestion 

“Sorry, world, there’s no more coffee left anywhere. I drank it.” — WaPo‘s Ben Pershing.

Journo can’t wrap presents

“Anybody who asks me to wrap presents is complicit in my incompetence.” — WaPo‘s Reid Wilson.

Reporter spends Xmas in LA 

“Palm trees and Mexican tipicas and sun and sandals and coming to LA was the best idea.” — National Journal‘s Elahe Izadi.


Naturally, journos discuss ketchup on Christmas Eve 

WSJ‘s Farhad Manjoo: “How are restaurant ketchup bottles always full? If they’re constantly refilling them, isn’t a lot of that ketchup old? Does k not go bad?”

WSJ‘s San Francisco-based Evelyn Rusli: “Isn’t vinegar acidic?”

Politico‘s Byron Tau: “As a longtime former restaurant employee, most restaurants “marry” the ketchups. Have no idea about the legality.”