Taser no match for masturbator on meth in Oregon

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Christmas isn’t likely to be particularly merry this year for Andrew Frey, a Beaverton, Ore. man who was arrested on Sunday after a day of meth-induced mayhem that ended after he had been masturbating for awhile at a bar on the outskirts of Salem.

A sheriff’s deputy attempted to zap Frey with a Taser several times, but the weapon proved wholly ineffective. The deputy called for help. At least 15 officers from three police units rushed to the scene and collectively subdued Frey, reports The Oregonian.

Things began to go badly for Frey, 37, at some point on Saturday after he had ingested an unknown quantity of methamphetamine.

At about 1 p.m. on Sunday, the first call about a man acting strangely trickled into the Marion County Sheriff’s office. Frey had allegedly called a locksmith and then refused to pay for services.

Next, Frey wandered over to a gas station with a convenience store attached. He stuck around for awhile before an employee ushered him back on his way.

Frey’s final destination before jail was Iggy’s Bar & Grill, a seedy-looking dive just down the road. At Iggy’s, Frey moseyed up to the bar, exposed himself and began masturbating.

He had taken his one-man show to the bathroom by the time a lone deputy arrived. The deputy says he tased Frey a number of times becaues Frey resisted arrest. The Taser proved ineffective at subduing Frey, though, so the cop called in massive backup.

Once the swarm of police arrived and finally subdued Frey, he was taken into custody. The charges were public indecency, resisting arrest and theft.

Frey later said he remembered none of his erratic behavior, notes The Oregonian.

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