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Columnist sees Duck Dynasty at the ballet. We can’t help what we see sometimes, right? TWT writer Charlie Hurt goes to the ballet (in other words, he got dragged to the ballet) and managed to see a whole lot of Duck Dynasty in The Nutcracker. He did admit to sneaking in a spiked Red Bull. So maybe that had something to do with his vivid imagination. Nonetheless, this is worth a read. He makes valid points about the importance of not having our culture policed. One thing…might The Nutcracker find a bit part for Charlie next year? We hear he’s willing to wear tights.

NRO contributor slices up media on Christmas Eve. National Review‘s Victor Davis Hanson has a really skeptical view about the future of media and how it’ll treat the next President of the United States. And that’s putting it mildly. If you enjoy the red meat version of the “liberal media” you’ll enjoy this. If you don’t, you might want to be warned about how people like Hanson think. Read his butchering here.

Was photog a teenager or not and should Reuters have known? TheBlaze published a story on Christmas about Molhem Barakat, a freelance photographer who sold pictures to Reuters and died while covering the fighting in Syria. But was he 17 or 18? Reports are conflicting. Read here.

Really truly terrible. But fascinating. A year-end list you won’t want to miss. See Deadspin‘s roster of what people got stuck in the various orifices of their bodies this year. The broken glass items might make you wince. You’ve been warned. See here.

My colleague has no sympathy for Bill de Blasio’s addict daughter. That would be Patrick Howley, who doesn’t give a shit that Chiara de Blasio was reportedly hooked on alcohol and weed. In fact, he thinks the admission video, in many ways, alienated constituents. Best line:  “I’d be like, oh, I won’t drink, I’ll just, like, smoke weed, and then I would be like, oh I’m not going to smoke weed and then I’d just drink,” she said, alienating viewers with availability problems because their weed guy is gone for the holidays. Read the full opinion column here.