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Holiday family hangover edition. 

So that’s why he yells at the TV

“Spending time with my Dad over Xmas break, it’s abundantly clear where my habit of yelling at cable news on my tv comes from.” — Asawin Suebsaeng, reporter, Mother Jones‘ DC Bureau.

Question for CNBC and NYT‘s John Harwood: “Are you son of Richard Harwood of Washington Post?”

Harwood: “So proud to say yes I am.”

Richard Harwood died of lung cancer in 2001. He was WaPo’s first ombudsman in 1970 and a occupied a variety of editorial roles at the paper. According to a NYT obit, he was called “Black Death Harwood” because of the fear he instilled in politicians. 

How about pre-dawn coffee? 

“After a great holiday..back to the early grind in the morning! Wondering who else is in town… Let’s do coffee. How does 4:26AM sound?” — Angie Goff, NBC Washington morning anchor.


“My niece is pretty attractive. And that’s OK.” — Free Beacon‘s mystery Public Editor Biff Diddle.

The Complimenter 

“Cracking open one of my Christmas presents: @peterbakernyt‘s ‘Days of Fire.'” — CNN’s Brian Stelter, former NYT colleague to Peter Baker.

On an uplifting note…

“This Christmas, just be glad Santa didn’t get gunned down in China’s air defense zone.” — Soon-to-be MSNBC host Ronan Farrow. 

A touching moment…

“Ending a visit, a dear family friend reassures my mom: ‘I’ll be there for the rest of your life, whether you want me to or not.'” — NPR’s Steve Inskeep.


Roseanne gets seriously loopy on Christmas

5:48 p.m.: “I knew I had big fucking swinging ape balls as a young girl.” 5:50 p.m.: “I went thru therapy to understand that i lived in a vagina wearing body.” — former presidential hopeful Roseanne Barr. Too much eggnog? Not spiked enough?

No Santa for you! 

“Woke up to notification from Homeland Security that 1 of my FOIA requests has been denied. A very merry Christmas to you too, DHS!” — Free Beacon‘s CJ Ciaramella.


“Just got lectured by my uncle on two different topics.” — Townhall Managing Editor Kevin Glass.