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5 Dumbest Tweets of the Week

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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This week in dunces…

Honorable mention to… ABC talk show host Katie Couric, who wrote, “I have a serious Christmas cookie hangover ! #postxmasdtoxstat.”

5. “Is it weird to go drinking and then get your hair cut?” — Jared Keller, Al Jazeera America, formerly of The Atlantic and National Journal. What might be slightly weirder is going drinking, getting your hair chopped and THEN tweeting about it. 

4. “I just asked my wife if corned beef is made from pork.” — WaPo‘s “humor” columnist Gene Weingarten, having an out of body experience.

3. “How weird is it that the first day of winter feels exactly like the first day of Spring?#not complaining.” — NBC’s Kathie Lee Gifford. Pretty weird, Kathie! 

2. “Mush.” — Washington Examiner‘s Justin Green. He also could have landed on this list with this: “At a gas station that has neither gummy bears nor gummy worms. #decline.” 

1. “If ppl just asked ‘what do you want for Xmas’ and got that, there would be no ‘returning unwanted gifts’ headlines today. #wishfulthinking” — Dan Henning, SiriusXM producer for the radio shows of Chuck Todd and Michael Smerconish. Absolutely genius! How did no one ever think of this before?