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Spitzer getting “free p*ssy”

“Of course! Someone just e-mailed me ‘Eliot Spitzer finally getting free p*ssy’ #Client#9” — GOP Consultant and blogger Roger Stone.

Little ones serve as computer experts 

“Seven-year-old: ‘Daddy, do you know what Twitter is?'” — The New Yorker‘s Ryan Lizza.

“OK, my TV has two HDMI ports and I have three HDMI boxes to connect. My 5yo isn’t here to tell me what to do. Help.” — RedState and FNC’s Erick Erickson.

Media Observer

“CBS: last in ratings, first in throne-sniffing.” — Atlantic Cities reporter Mike Riggs.

Question to never ponder: “Jicama is a most excellent snack. Fruit or vegetable?” — FNC’s Dana Perino.

Post Xmas fat 

“Xmas may be over but at least we have nights of laying around all sad & fat after days of shivering & dodging the flu to look forward to.” — Katherine Timpf, reporter for Campus Reform, standup comic and former TWT.

Speaking of fat…

“Granted, it’s not a feat on par with, say, landing on the moon, but it seems someone has invented a chocolate bar infused with bacon.” — Paul Brandus, West Wing Reports and The Week.


Travel Bitches

“Wow this flight is empty. Row to myself. Crisis averted!” — TWT‘s Jessica Chasmar.

“Waiting to take a 4 hour late flight not a great experience, but blessed to sit next to a retired teacher whose life’s work is inspiring.” — WaPo columnist EJ Dionne.

Editor dives into puzzles 

“I am about to start my second 1000-piece puzzle OF THE DAY. #whoamI” — Washingtonian Mom Editor Kate Bennett.


Israeli site screws up relationship between Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig

“Correction: An earlier version of this article erroneously stated that Bugs Bunny’s most notorious enemy is Porky Pig. While the two are known to frequently squabble, often in the public eye, they are in fact good friends.”

See the story, “Is Bugs Bunny a Jew?” here.

Uh oh. 

“Just because you’re a diplomat doesn’t me you can almost hit me in a crosswalk.” Washington Examiner‘s Kelly Cohen.