This Taiwanese college student crammed her cat in a jar

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Taiwanese college student Kiki Lin faces criminal charges for animal cruelty after she crammed her pet cat into a plastic jug and then uploaded two images of her shocking handiwork on Facebook earlier this week.

The pet’s name is also Kiki, according to the Daily Mail.

Lin has since deleted the Facebook post with the apparently real images, which show the snow-white cat’s displeased-looking face mashed firmly up against the side of the container.

The size of the container appears to be almost exactly one cubic cat.

The student at Providence University in Taichung City initially wrote “cat in a bottle, punishment for behaving badly” on Facebook, reports the Taipei Times.

After the posting, Lin faced a good deal of pushback among Facebook users who accused her of animal abuse.

After the backlash, the English major recanted the punishment claim.

“I did not want to put my pet cats inside metal cages,” she later wrote, according to the Times. “Instead I put them inside plastic containers, so that they can be carried around with me. This way the cats can see the world through the transparent plastic.”

She said she poked holes in the jar for air.

She also added that she now realizes that this method of sightseeing is not ideal for cats.

However, notes the Mail, Lin also suggested that people who criticized her for stuffing a cat in a jar had “too much time on their hands.”

To her critics, the student later told The China Post, she had “three words for them, ha ha ha.”

Lin likely isn’t laughing much any more, though, after the local municipal government’s animal protection office caught wind of the incident and forwarded the facts of the case to criminal prosecutors.

Under Taiwanese law, the violation for which she will be charged is punishable by up to a year in prison or a fine of up to $30,000 New Taiwan dollars (about $1000).

Lin insists she is an animal lover. She has more than one cat. She says the cats sleep with her, according to the Times. They each have their own pillows and blankets.

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