Weiner reflects on 2013: ‘It certainly didn’t go as I had hoped’

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Disgraced politician Anthony Weiner returned to social media Thursday to look back at 2013 and thank his supporters — alluding to his future 2014 plans in the process.

“I do want to take stock a bit of 2013. It certainly didn’t go as I had hoped,” Weiner wrote on Facebook. “I continue to be deeply sorry that my personal mistakes undermined an amazing campaign that included too many amazing staffers to mention and hundreds of volunteers and many of you who kept active from afar with ideas, contributions and encouraging notes. (Even the snarky comments of our opponents weren’t entirely humorless).”

Weiner, who resigned from Congress following a sexting scandal in 2011, found himself at the center of another sexting scandal during his ill-fated run for mayor of New York this year.

“What’s next? I’ll keep you posted on my plans,” Weiner continued. “But I hope we keep the band together. You have been an amazing resource and the network we have all become part of has helped lead the debate on national health care, the need for a smarter and more compassionate approach to the growing pockets of need in our nation, and we all have sought to make the argument that too often we progressives come to knife fights carrying library books.”

The former congressman says he does not want to be on the sidelines and watch the GOP deal with the “tea party wackadoo wing.”

“Although my Republican friends have to decide what to do with the tea party wackadoo wing of their party, it does not constitute a strategy to simply sit back and watch them immolate. Our team has to be a font of ideas and debate. I tried to run my campaign on this theme and the response was amazing. (Who knows, maybe I have a third book of ideas in me!).”

Weiner concluded his online note by expressing support for New York Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio and thanking his supporters for their kindness.

“This year lets [sic] fight to make this the country we want it to be and one that lives up to our common ideals about progress,” he wrote.

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