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TV People Edition 


“2013 was my most painful year but also among the most momentous. Kids, i can NOT wait for 2014. Lets all just… start over.” — ABC7’s Stephen Tschida.

That interview President Obama did with Robin Roberts…

“FYI: When @BarackObama chose @RobinRoberts for his BIG NEWS supporting gay marriage, he didn’t know she was gay and she didn’t tell him.” — CNN Democratic Analyst and SKDKnickerbocker’s Hilary Rosen.

Irony is…

“Say what now?” — MSNBC’s Touré responding to the accusation that he’s a racist.


Pastry tips with Jake Tapper 

“Leaving those pastries out overnight = War on Crispness” — CNN’s Jake Tapper.

HuffPost‘s Sam Stein scolds himself 

“I’m ashamed of myself for watching this Giants-Redskins game. You’re better than this, Sam!” — Sam Stein, also a MSNBC “Morning Joe” regular. He also addressed the NSA on his Googling: “Dear NSA, I’ve been doing a lot of googling of Libyan militias after reading the NYT’s piece on Benghazi. I’m harmless, I promise.”

Kathie Lee Gifford goes hog wild 

“A HOGFISH is the plumpest, sweetest fish you’ll ever eat!! You catch them in the Florida Keys but they sell out immediately. Try it!” — ABC’s Kathie Lee Gifford. 


Want to work at BuzzFeed? Don’t be mean to Huma Abedin

“Was told if I wanted to be considered for a full time position at BuzzFeed I should not tweet mean things about Huma Abedin. Fuck Huma, btw.” — Natasha Vargas Cooper, whose work has appeared in a sh-tload of pubs including Atlantic Monthly, Good, The Awl, TNR and NYT.

Rock star addresses TODAY host’s birthday 

“Love him.” — Savannah Guthrie, referring to the birthday wishes she received from John Taylor of Duran Duran.


Oversharing Sherri shares about dog’s period 

“Haven’t gotten Lexi our Cane Corso ‘fixed’ yet… waiting until she’s fully a year. Now this daggone dog is bleeding all over the place! #wow.” — ABC “The View’s” Sherri Shepherd

Geraldo says no to thought police

“Total equality for gay Americans should be focus of their civil rights establishment- Not acting as PC Thought Police for reality show stars.” — FNC’s Geraldo Rivera.

Important question to ponder: “Question: When will Jos. A. Bank run out of things to give away ‘free?'” — WaPo‘s Jonathan Capehart.