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Sydney Leathers is auctioning off her vagina

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Vice magazine is coming out with an exclusive story on Sydney Elaine Leather‘s labia surgery. Leathers, former sexting partner to ex-mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner, has been spilling details to the mag for the past month about what it was like for the 24-year-old to endure a surgery to tighten things up. TMZ reported late last month that Leathers would be auctioning off the remains. The site referred to her as “leather woman.” In case you’re wondering about storage, she apparently encased it in lucite.

“I never thought there would be a day when so many people were curious about what I’m doing with my leftover labia,” she told The Mirror Monday. “My parents must be SO PROUD! It’s highly disturbing. I never thought I’d have a body part hanging out in my bedroom. I feel like Buffalo Bill.”

The Vice piece is expected as soon as Tuesday but the publishing date has not specifically been disclosed to her. The author is Mitchell Sunderland, the magazine’s weekend editor. Look for the er, raw, leathery details soon.

Fortunately for Leathers, the surgery was not painful. “And this is going to sound insane: but that surgery honestly didn’t hurt at all,” she said by email.

Update: The doctor who performed Leather’s labia surgery is Santa Barbara-based Dr. Neal Handel.