There she is, Fat Barbie

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The Facebook page of a website called Plus Size Modeling (mottos “Curves Ahead” and “Guides to plus size modeling and becoming a better YOU!”) has absolutely hit the viral marketing jackpot with an image of a large, voluptuous, thunder-thighed Barbie doll.

On Dec. 18, the website began conducting a Facebook poll asking: “Should toy companies start making Plus Sized Barbie dolls?”

The response has been pretty overwhelming. As of today, Dec. 30, 41,885 have indicated that they like the posting. There are 5,702 comments.

Plus Size Modeling asked respondents to “like” the posting if they agree that big Barbies are a good idea, and to comment if they instead think, “No, bad idea.”

The comments are all over the place but the general sentiment appears to be that what America needs is a well-proportioned Barbie who looks fit and healthy but not impossibly thin—above-average Barbie, basically.

Many, many commenters have focused on Plus Size Barbie’s chin. “The double chin is a little ridiculous,” advises one commenter. “Not all plus size people have three chins,” says another.

Mattel, the toy company that makes and markets Barbie, does not have any plans to manufacture this or any other Plus Size Barbie, notes WPMI-TV, a Florida NBC affiliate.

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