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Who said it? Business Insider’s very gay political editor, Dan Savage or Anthony Weiner

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Today we have a game. Who said it?

The players: Business Insider‘s gay Political Editor Josh Barro, who has been dishing a lot of X-rated details on his gayness as of late, ex-New York mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner (purportedly straight and perpetually horny) and syndicated openly gay, sex advice columnist Dan Savage, author of the weekly column “Savage Love.” See if you can guess who said it.


1. A. “Tonight I’m just a man with a raging hard on.” B. “I think Phil Robertson spends a lot less time thinking about me sucking dick than you do.” C. “One of the shitbags invited to speak at the gay-bash-a-thon known as the Values Voter Summit in Washington, DC, earlier this month called homophobia a myth.”

2. A. “Amazing. A boyfriend smearing lotion on himself—who doesn’t know what that means?” B. “Thinking about gagging [your] hot mouth with my cock.” C. “You seem to have given a lot of thought to me with a penis in my mouth.”

3.  A. “It’s   entirely appropriate for a 17-year-old gay boy to grab his 15-year-old boyfriend’s ass … and appropriate for a 17-year-old to tell his 15-year-old boyfriend that he looks fuckable in his jeans.” B. “I sometimes do all of these things, yes,” referring to oral sex and letting someone cum in his mouth.” C. “I must have cum thinking about you and looking at you 100 times. How does that make you feel? Gross?”

4. A. “Sometimes sex has a significant power exchange component, which can be great in either the dominant or the submissive role. But usually it’s more egalitarian than that. Getting fucked can be degrading (in a fun way) but it doesn’t have to be.” B. “I’m horny a lot, sorry.” C. “One of the wonderful things about the internet is the way it brings people with rare kinks together. …one gay man’s hot role-play scenario is likely someone else’s nightmare scenario.”

Answers: 1. A. Weiner. B. Barro. C. Savage. 2. A. Savage. B. Weiner. C. Barro. 3. A. Savage. B. Barro. C. Weiner. 4. A. Barro. B. Weiner. C. Savage. 

Barro’s comments come from a recent tumblir interview with a reader who seems intent on learning more about the political editor’s gayness. Thankfully for his sake, Barro is not shy about sharing. Barro writes on Twitter, “Here are my responses to Lynn, the Facebook messager with a lot of very personal questions about my sex life.” See here. He later wrote, “My reply to Lynn is doing pretty good traffic. I guess I should have posted it to Business Insider.” Some are tiring of hearing about Barro’s sex rants. Liz Mair, new media adviser, blogger and former Online Communications Director at the RNC, wrote on Twitter, “If people could quit hate-mailing [Josh Barro] that’d be handy bc I’m kinda tired about thinking about his sex life now.”

But Savage, ironically, was all for it and promoted Barro’s Q & A.