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HAPPY NEW YEARS! “Brace yourselves..Whatever happens, I just apologize in advance. It’s just a blanket apology.” — CNN’s Anderson Cooper on hanging out with comedian Kathy Griffin tonight from 9 p.m. on.

Journalist expresses weirdness over obits for live people

“Working on obituaries for people who are alive is one of the oddest-feeling tasks in journalism.” — CNN’s “The Lead” host Jake Tapper.

Speaking of licking…

“Just saw a girl lick a dude’s face.” — BuzzFeed‘s Washington Bureau Chief John Stanton, who has apparently started his New Years celebration early — as in last night. MSNBC’s Jimmy Williams replied, “As a gay man, I support that. It’s gross but I support it.”

The waiting game

“Called insurance company / spent 2 hours on hold, finally gave up.” — New York TimesPeter Baker. Colleague Michael Shear remarked, “Can confirm this. Could hear hold music from my desk.”

Geeked out 

“My Mac mini can hold out for about 7 hours and then it can’t even handle tweetdeck.” — BuzzFeed‘s Dorsey Shaw.

And the voice of reason…

“‘All press is good press’ is only what PR people say when they are getting bad press.” — BuzzFeed‘s Ashley McCollum.

Want to spend New Years Eve with Hoda and Kathie? 

“Do you have plans for tomorrow night?? Why not cozy up with @KathieLGifford and me at 8pm on @nbc for some New Years fun!”– NBC “TODAY Show” host Hoda Kotb.

WTF? Author/blogger mysteriously loses 7K followers

“BTW my apology again to 7K people who were following & got spammed off my feed. I can’t get you back. And I ain’t buying no followers.” — Motivational author, blogger and radio host Sophia Nelson.

Thank you for Sharing 

“@hunterw Hey, you’re a classless dickbag for trying to make a story from this guy’s innocent family photos.” — to Talking Point Memo‘s Hunter Walker in reference to this story on a powerful banker partying it up

A radio host’s bizarre question 

“Dear Twitter, please answer this newsroom argument: is hair a body part?” — Marketplace‘s Lizzie O’Leary.

Starving journalist begs for pizza after midnight. 

“No food in the apartment and nothing open in Crystal City and no delivery options either so I will starve to death before I see 2014 cool.” — Campus Reform reporter Katherine TimpfSix minutes later: “If anyone is looking for freelance delivery work I will pay you to bring me a pizza right now.”

palm tree

New Year’s Eve in Miami! 

“On South Beach, seriously considering photobombing some low-grade model shoot on the water’s edge.” — National Journal reporter Elahe Izadi.


Journo Love 

“Startled & sad that @ClydeHaberman‘s contract with @nytimes is up. He is v-talented, but also wise, funny, empathetic & a great human being.” — Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne, referring to NYT columnist Clyde Haberman, who remarked that he has “no plans for now.” For now, he’s catching up on AMC’s Breaking Bad.

Convo Between Two Journos: Her first published piece

The conversation is between Politico’s Seung Min Kim and Rebecca Sinderbrand. 

KIM: My first real newspaper clip was a folo to a severed lizard head found in an Applebee’s chicken salad #memories

SINDEBRAND: Ah, memories….Mine was about a Hill hearing focused on cute, fuzzy animals. But in a very, very not-good way. (Yes. Worse.)

Editor is real piece of work

“Let 2014 be the year we stop calling a work of journalism a ‘piece'” — NYT‘s Michael Roston, staff editor, social media, NYT.