Planned Parenthood app tells kids ’12 or under’: masturbate as much as possible

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Planned Parenthood, a group founded on the premise of limiting the number of little kids in the world, just can’t stop advising little kids about the joys of sex and, especially, masturbation—lots and lots of masturbation.

The birth-control organization, founded by racist eugenicist Margaret Sanger, is a self-proclaimed authority on “fingering” and that burning, eternal question: “Are you still a virgin if you’ve used a dildo?”

Planned Parenthood is also attempting to appeal to young teenagers as well as children 12 years of age and younger with “Apps for Teens” available on cell phones.

Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, for example, has been promoting “Apps for Teens” on its Facebook page, reports The corresponding message says: “Once a week, we’ll be featuring a free app that can help you learn all about sex, relationships, birth control and more.  Want a sneak peek?  Take a look at all of them here.”

You can see all the apps at this link. They are basically a bunch of Cosmo-like quizzes.

Jennifer Bowen, a writer at the conservative-oriented website Caffeinated Thoughts, took an app quiz called “What’s Your Love Personality?”

Naturally, it starts by asking for the age, race, sex, and location of every kid who takes it.

Bowen chose “12 or under” as her age. She found that the second question for prepubescent and barely pubescent kids is the statement: “I am curious about sex, I want to know what it feels like.”

Quiz-takers who choose “agree” are instructed: “Being curious is natural.  But there are risks involved (like pregnancy and STDs).  And you can satisfy your curiosity by exploring your body on your own.”

In a separate, non-app piece entitled “Talking to kids about sex and sexuality,” Planned Parenthood sagely advises parents to tell elementary school kids that “it feels good to touch ourselves, but we should only touch ourselves in private.”

Bowen notes that Planned Parenthood has previously instructed that children as young kindergarten should be told to “seek privacy when they want to touch their sex organs for pleasure.”

Another question on the “What’s Your Love Personality?” quiz for 12-and-under children is the statement: “Having sex would feel good.”

Bowen again chose “agree” here as well. Planned Parenthood’s quiz counseled her that, indeed, “Having sex feels good—but only in the right situation and when you’re older.”

Planned Parenthood then advised — what else? — more masturbation! “If you have sexual feelings, you can explore your own body.”

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