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Hey, didja hear the one about the global-warming scientists who got trapped in a bunch of polar ice?

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It’s time to face the cold, hard facts: These guys are hilarious!

Michael Bastasch:

Climate scientists and tourists traveling on the Akademik Shokalskiy research vessel may want to make a New Year’s resolution never to go to Antarctica again after being stuck in the ice for over a week.

The Shokalskiy voyage was being used by climate scientists to document the effects of global warming on the Antarctic while following the path that explorer Douglas Mawson took into the area. Ironically, the ship became stuck in sea ice about 1,500 miles south of Tasmania on December 24.

I understand every word in that last sentence except “ironically.” Pretty sure it should be “inevitably.” Whenever Al Gore predicts something, the exact opposite happens. This has been well documented. It’s settled science.

All the tourists and scientists have been airlifted out by helicopter, which will need to be added to their carbon footprint.

And oddly enough, there’s one minor detail being omitted from a lot of the news coverage:


As Ed Morrissey notes:

At least the word “climate” appears once in their web report, although not as an explanation. It doesn’t appear at all in the CBS report. The Associated Press report similarly avoids this key data point. Scott Johnson called this expedition the “ship of fools,” and perhaps that can be applied to these reports on the denouement, too.

Well, a headline like “Global Warming Scientists Trapped in Polar Ice,” while entirely accurate, would only impede the prevailing narrative. Why, it’d turn the whole thing into a big joke. Can’t have that. Think of the children!