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A columnist talks dirty on New Year’s Eve 

“I’ve often thought the greatest poet who ever lived is the person who came up with ‘come’ to mean orgasm.” — WaPo‘s “humor” columnist and all around sexy Gene Weingarten, who revealed on Twitter on New Years Day that he’s working on a book.


Speaking of great vaginal observers…

“I can’t explain it but the words ‘veuve clicquot’ always look uncomfortably gynecological to me.” — WaPo‘s openly gay Style section writer Hank Stuever, whose vaginal expertise appears to be thin. When he was little, he did once dress up as Wonder Woman.

Miley Cyrus reminds journalist of her aunt’s dead dog 

“My aunt had a dog whose tongue always hung out of his mouth. It was a genetic thing. Saw Miley and thought of him. He was a great dog.” — TheBlaze‘s Dana Loesch.


Cannabis leaf on grunge background, shallow DOF.

Two ways to ask the same question

The is from TV One’s Roland Martin. As a matter of preference, I like the pothead version. 

More refined: If you met someone and really wanted to date them, would their marijuana consumption be a deal breaker? Call 877-373-9766 #NewsOneNow

Less polite: “Have you dated someone and they were a pothead? Was that a deal breaker for you? Call 877-373-9766#NewsOneNow

C-SPAN’s Sunday interview…“Don’t forget – this Sunday (January 5th) at noon eastern time, I’ll be interviewed on CSPAN’s ‘In Depth’ program!…” — conservative radio host Mark Levin.

Marion Barry plugs Mandela movie

“If you haven’t seen the Mandela movie , make sure u see it. It is such a great movie on one of the most courageous men of our time.” — D.C. City Councilman and former mayor Marion Barry.

Reporter asks: Wanna fight on Twitter? 

“My 2014 resolution to not procrastinate via Twitter is going awesome so far. Anyone want to argue about something?” — Politico‘s Ben White at 10:28 p.m. on New Years Day.

And the 2014 fun begins…

“9 hours into 2014 and the Internet hasn’t found someone/something new to be outraged about. Pick up the slack, you.” — Slate‘s Dave Weigel  at 9:06 a.m. on New Years Day. No matter that he’s among the reporters who often join the “outrage” bandwagon, Weigel (insert annoying choking sounds here) tells it like it is.

Comedian who ridiculed Romney’s black grandkid is having fun 

“Even with all the attacks from the right I must say that being a comedian is still much more fun than when I was a lawyer stuck in an office.” — Dean Obeidallah on New Year’s Eve. Obeidallah was on the MSNBC panel hosted by Melissa Harris-Perry in which comedians laughed at Mitt Romney and the entire GOP for his having an adopted black grandchild in an obviously mostly honkey family. They laughed at the child and mocked the Republican Party for not being diverse. Harris-Perry has since apologized profusely for the incident. More importantly, getting back to Obeidallah, fun times, man!


TV’s Rick Sanchez weighs in on Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin 

“Oh the @kathygriffin thing? Yea, she’s had a crush on me for a while now. What’s a guy going to do? Then again, so does Anderson.” — Fox News Contributor and former CNNer Rick Sanchez.

As does a Mediaite reporter

“CNN is airing a promo which features Kathy Griffin fondling Anderson Cooper’s crotch and features announcer touting the wackiness.” — Mediaite‘s Noah Rothman.

Medicare Part D makes for great nerd party conversation 

“It’s been 2014 for 35 minutes and someone just came up and asked me. ‘So… I have a question…about Medicare Part D.'” — Reason Magazine’s Peter Suderman.


F–k New Year’s resolutions: Time to start smoking! 

“That thing where you start tucking your pajama bottoms into your socks so you can pull jeans on over that to go outside to buy cigarettes.” — CapitalNY Co-editor Tom McGeveran on New Year’s Day at 1:46 a.m.