5 awesomely disgusting trial attorney commercials [VIDEO]

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Here’s a good rule of thumb: If your attorney is running ads on television, he’s probably a douchebag.

He is also probably a personal injury attorney, but there we go being redundant.

For some reason personal injury lawyers like to call themselves “The Hammer” and make really, really crappy TV commercials. We compiled 5 of the best (worst?) of the latter. Enjoy:

1.) Jim “The Hammer” Shapiro might not be able to rip out the hearts of those who hurt you. But he can make you laugh.

2.) Glen Lerner doesn’t run away from the term “ambulance chaser.” He makes commercials celebrating it.

3.) Jim Adler — “The Texas Hammer” — is equally as ridiculous in English as he is in Spanish.

4.) WHAT!? You don’t even need an appointment at the law office of Rosemarie Arnold? She MUST be a great lawyer. 

5.) Meet Lowell Stanley, yet another “The Hammer: