Glenn Greenwald: ‘A lot more’ Snowden stories ‘coming in the early part of January’

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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Glenn Greenwald says later this month he will reveal more information from the cache of documents Edward Snowden stole from the National Security Agency.

The liberal journalist, who first detailed Snowden’s most explosive revelations in the Guardian newspaper last year, spoke to Fox News’s Eric Bolling on “Hannity” Friday night.

Bolling: You have a lot of additional information. Will you be releasing more? And if so, when?

Greenwald: Oh, definitely.  You know, Edward Snowden said his job is done — meaning him as a whistleblower, he got the information to journalists — now our job as journalists is to inform the American people about what their government is doing to them. And there’s a lot more stories coming in the early part of January — the first two or three months — that I think will be very, very interesting to Americans about what their government is doing to their privacy in the dark.

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