Old Spice ad awesomely displays its usual awkward humor [VIDEO]

Chris Bing Contributor
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Old Spice recently released a new commercial sporting their product line of Re-Fresh Body Sprays and it has been garnering serious viral media attention. This commercial has come in the wake of Old Spice’s continued series of quirky commercials.

The most recent project does not disappoint. The song, called the “Momsong”, follows a series of creepy morphing mothers chasing their adolescent sons who used the product. Desperately grabbing onto whatever they can, the mothers follow their sons while they are on dates, in the car and through their journey towards “Manhood” while simultaneously mourning the entire process in hilarious fashion.

The men’s hygiene brand has seen continued success through their unique commercial marketing strategy. It is hard to forget the original commercial that started this sort of creative line for the company; “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” Old Spice spot starring former NFL wide receiver Isaiah Mustafa as the the “Old Spice Guy.”

The original YouTube ad has now recorded almost 50 million views since being posted. In 2010 Ad agency Wieden + Kennedy’s won the Emmy for Outstanding Commercial and subsequently it encouraged a series of stylistic sequels to follow the “Old Spice Guy” success.

While the new ad lacks Isaiah Mustafa on a white stead overlooking a beach in nothing but a towel, it follows the odd creative theme we have come to expect from an Old Spice commercial.

So enjoy the video and “Smellcome to Manhood”.

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Chris Bing