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Polar Star sent to rescue Chinese ship that rescued Russian ship full of Australian global-warming scientists stuck in polar ice

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Read it and weep, climate deniers! Here’s the latest proof that when ice melts, it’s because of the climate, and when water freezes, it’s because of the weather.

Kate Stanton, UPI:

The U.S. Coast Guard has deployed the Cutter Polar Star to the Antarctic to rescue two ships wedged into the ice.

The Coast Guard said in a statement Saturday that the Australian, Russian and Chinese governments requested help for the stranded icebreakers Akademik Shokalskiy and Xue Long…

The Polar Star left Sydney on Sunday and will take about seven days to reach Commonwealth Bay, where the two ships await assistance.

And when that one gets stuck, what then? Call in the Super Friends?

If the woodpecker and the ice-jackhammer don’t work, Superman can just use his heat vision to, um… endanger everyone’s lives. Way to go, Clark.

If anything, this real-life debacle is even sillier. I’m not sure how much money the whole thing will end up costing, or how much carbon it’s emitting, but at least it’s hilarious.

From now on, warmists should take a page from Hanna-Barbera and blame everything on ice demons:

  • Record low temperatures across the country? Ice demons!
  • Ships stuck in polar ice that was supposed to have melted by now, flooding millions of people? Ice demons!
  • Al Gore’s excruciating, incurable hemorrhoids? Ice demons!

When in doubt, blame the ice demons.

As for the man who started it all, Chris Turney, “Professor of Climate Change” at the University of South Wales:

Update: Tweet of the Year. I’m callin’ it right now.

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