Siri does not like Scarlett Johnasson’s character in ‘Her’

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Siri, Apple’s voice-activated iPhone assistant, is NOT a fan on Scarlett Johnasson’s character in one of the best movies of the year, “Her.” (RELATED: 13 best movies of 2013)

Johnasson lends her sexy voice to an operating system named Samantha, who falls in love (and has sex) with an actual human person, played by Joaquin Phoenix. Siri clearly doesn’t take OS/ human relationships lightly.

Wired’s Angela Watercutter first asked Siri some questions about “Her” and Samantha, and got some less-than-favorable responses. So I tried asking Siri some questions to see if I got different answers. Siri was audibly annoyed with me by then end of the questioning and did not back off of her hatred of Johansson’s “Her” character.

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