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The cocaine congressman gets a challenger…Seems someone could have or should have seen an opening sooner, like when the Rep. Trey Radel (R-Fla.) was in rehab? But whatever. Better late than never, the guy finally has a GOP challenger — and it’s a man with a  woman’s name. Politico‘s Alex Isenstadt has the details.

When email is not your friend…Gawker has the scoop on the Navy liaison who was dumb enough to email the reporter who quested FOIA info notes on why there weren’t going to share anything with him. The reporter was NBC4’s Scott MacFarlane. The Gawker writer, Adam Weinstein, makes a subtle dig at Reason Mag, which also reported on the email. Read here.

How much does Jenny McCarthy really know about autism? A father slams the comedian and host of ABC’s “The View” for being a big self-promotional pain in the ass where autism is concerned. He writes this directed at her: “Don’t use my family as your shield.” And “news stories about you, correct or incorrect, open no wounds for me.” Read here.

Don’t like revenge porn? Might want to move to Victoria, Australia, or California or New Jersey. In Victoria, for instance, it’s now illegal to distribute or threaten to distribute intimate shots. Read the full story in Daily Beast.