LIKE A BOSS: T-Mobile CEO crashes AT&T party, gets bounced

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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Corporate competitiveness took an odd turn at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show Monday night after T-Mobile CEO John LeGere crashed a party hosted by AT&T, and was subsequently kicked out.

“Some security guards escorted him out,” CNET reporter Roger Cheng tweeted after LeGere was caught. “It was crazy.”

The service provider CEO apparently gave himself up by posing for a picture with Cheng, who tweeted the photo shortly after, leading to LeGere’s ejection from the party at Las Vegas’s Palm Hotel via two security guards.

LeGere didn’t do much to mask his presence – he walked in wearing a bright pink t-shirt with a T-Mobile logo on it, complete with stylish leather jacket.

“I just wanted to hear Macklemore,” LeGere later told Re/code.

Last week, AT&T announced a special offer for current T-Mobile customers – a $450 credit for consumers willing to jump ship, a move LeGere has since called “desperate.”

T-Mobile markets itself as the “un-carrier” under LeGere, who seeks to distance T-Mobile from other, bigger carriers and consistently criticizes the larger AT&T network for having poor service and customer satisfaction.

Last year at CES, LeGere called AT&T’s network “crap” onstage.

After getting kicked out of the party, LeGere commented he could have reduced prices for customers quite a bit with all the money AT&T spent on the party’s big fat spread.

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