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Obnoxious Quote of the Day: “Is this the weather channel? Can we get to politics?” — MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough interrupting Mika Brzezinksi reading weather reports on “Morning Joe” this morning.




Washington Post has a mouse in the house 

“Washington Post newsroom mouse just made his/her first appearance of the New Year.” — WaPo‘s Karen Tumulty. Maybe WaPo owner Jeff Bezos can spend some of the money he’s not spending on Ezzy Klein on an exterminator or some mousetraps?


Sydney Elaine Leathers gets raunchier (if that’s even possible) 

  • “It makes me more politically relevant when I admit I masturbated to Dylan Ratigan on CSPAN’s book tv.”
  • “My jarred labia has more interesting philosophical thoughts than Sen. Rand Paul.”
  • “I always wondered where I got my disdain for local news anchors until I just overheard my dad call one a ‘dumb little round-faced cunt.'”
  • “I need a date for CPAC”
  • “Neal Handel gave me the perfect vagina. #sohappy”

Apparently it’s cold out

“It’s colder in the DC area today than in Anchorage, Alaska. #polarvortex” — Eun Yang, morning anchor, NBC Washington.


Rep. Steve “hashtag”  Cohen also had kidney stones. You hear that Bezos? 

“I had relatively painless #kidney stone procedure ; once n life I’m better off than Jeff #Bezos! #Memphis trumps #galapagaos ! commiserate tho.” — Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.). Come on, Congressman, UNBLOCK ME. What did I ever do to you?

OUCH! (But does she have a point?) 

“Continually amazed at how great the Atlantic website is and how utterly uninteresting I find the magazine.” — The Guardian‘s Ana Marie Cox.

Sen. Lindsay Graham’s flight makes emergency landing 

“Flight carrying Sen Graham from GSP to DC tonight has issue & returns to airport making emergency landing. Graham ok.” — FNC’s Chad Pergram on the South Carolina Republican.


Wake-Up Call 

“Texting and driving truly is a menace and one that I’m guilty of. I was only a few inches from death when I crashed because of it.” — RedState Contributing Editor Ben Howe.

Oh the outrage! Reporters do live shots in the freezing cold 

“Only in the news media do we send reporters out to do live shots to tell everyone else to stay at home and don’t come out. Seriously. … I have never understood the reporter getting toss around like a rag doll in a hurricane or freezing when it’s -40 below.” —  TV One’s Roland Martin.

BuzzFeed writer has a question about pimples and nipples 

“What if instead of pimples we got nipples on our faces that came and went with stress, hormones, bad diet, etc.?” — Tracy Clayton, the BuzzFeed staff writer who goes by “Brokey McPoverty” on Twitter.


Travel Bitches 

“‘Please remain seated when we arrive at the gate. Keep aisles clear to allow security professionals to come on board.’ #DisasterMagnet” — LAT‘s Maeve Reston.

“The weather and @Delta seem intent on screwing up my birthday. I WILL WIN.” — Rare‘s Tabitha Hale.