New high-tech bullet GROWS in mid-air, so you can’t miss your target [VIDEO]

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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Advanced Ballistics Concepts has invented a new high-tech bullet engineered to greatly increase accuracy, which is set to debut at the Las Vegas SHOT show next week.

The Mi-Bullet, or multiple impact bullet, expands into four interconnected parts as it exits the barrel, improving accuracy thanks to an accelerated barrel speed and the increased diameter of the shot.

WATCH: Digital simulation of Mi-Bullet firing

According to Concepts’ officials, the bullet is designed to increase first and second shot accuracy for shooters in “high pressure situations,” and the company has designed ammunition compatible with the most popular weapons on the market.

Handgun Mi-Bullet ammunition spreads to 14 inches after exiting the barrel, while shotgun ammunition expands to 24 inches. Concepts has engineered three different lethality grades of the bullet including the non-lethal Mi-Stinger, the semi-lethal Mi-Stunner, and the fully-lethal Mi-Stopper.

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