BMW debuts self-driving, self-drifting car at CES 2014 [VIDEO]

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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While self-driving cars are quickly becoming a staple of every major manufacturer, BMW is kicking up the competition with a high-speed self-driving, self-drifting car.

BMW unveiled the vehicle for the first time this week at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show.


The German auto manufacturer debuted two models with the new technology from two of its newest product lines, the 2-Series Coupe and 6-Series Coupe. The M235i in the video from the CES demo raced around the track and drifted into turns at high-speed with a passenger aboard.

A combination of tech — including a LIDAR (light radar) system, onboard cameras, sonic sensors and 360-degree radar, along with electronic throttle, braking and steering (standard equipment on new BMWs) — allow the car to tackle high-speed tracks while performing multiple functions like switching lanes, avoiding obstacles and drifting turns autonomously.

BMW’s self-driving system has already racked up about 9,000 miles of real-world driving time through cities and on the speed-limitless autobahn at up to 80 miles per hour, surrounded by other cars.

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