Doc Brown rides the DeLorean ‘Back to the Future’ of CES 2014

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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The most stylish time machine in past, present, and future arrived at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 Tuesday carrying Dr. Emmett Brown (a.k.a Christopher Lloyd) and the guitar Marty McFly used to rock Hill Valley High in celebration of Gibson’s 120th anniversary.

Doc Brown at CES 2014 (The Verge)

The Doc rode up to the Gibson Guitars booth outside the Las Vegas Convention Center dressed in a lab coat complete with Google Glass and proceeded to air guitar a concert with the same Gibson 345 McFly jammed “Johnny B. Goode” on when he introduced the world to rock ‘n roll.

Reportedly, he’d just retuned from 1894, the year Gibson first began making guitars.

Check out more pictures from the event on The Verge.

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