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Hey, those ships finally escaped the polar ice that isn’t supposed to be there anymore

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At long last, the ice demons have been thwarted! Hooray!!

The Moscow Times:

A Russian ship trapped in Antarctic waters since Christmas managed to break free due to favorable weather conditions, the vessel’s owner said Tuesday…

The Russian icebreaker had planned to assist the Chinese research vessel Xue Long, which came to its rescue earlier, the report said.

The Xuelong was itself trapped in the ice, but broke free around the same time as the Akademik Shokalsky, Chinese news agency Xinhua reported Tuesday.

This is just further proof that global warming is real, of course, because shut up.

As for the man who started it all, “Professor of Climate Change” Chris Turney, he’s keeping his spirits up:


Incidentally, the President of Global Warming is still at it:


Seriously though, the warmists are going to have the last laugh. Just think how much worse things would be right now if the Earth wasn’t getting warmer!

Yuk it up while you still can, climate deniers. You won’t be laughing when these ice caps finally melt and we’re all underwater.

Update: Australian national treasure Tim Blair is “looking forward to the day a Muslim terrorist hijacks an Antarctic climate research ship.” (It makes sense, read the whole thing.) And as Sonny Bunch notes, “The global warming alarmists are the easiest people to troll in the entire world.”

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