Democratic US attorney probing Christie fundraised for Hillary Clinton

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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The U.S. Attorney investigating the scandal involving Chris Christie’s staffers affecting bridge traffic is a Hillary Clinton fundraiser who would have had his job eight years earlier had he not been passed over for Christie.

New Jersey U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman’s office is “reviewing the matter to determine whether a federal law was implicated.”

But Fishman is a registered Democrat who has hosted fundraising events for Hillary Clinton.

Fishman, who took office in 2009 after being nominated by President Obama, got slighted in the past by Christie and the Republican Bush administration.

“Mr. Fishman was first recommended for the position in 1999, by Senator Frank R. Lautenberg, and his name would have most likely been put before the Senate for a confirmation hearing if Al Gore had become president in 2000. But when George W. Bush became president, he nominated Christopher J. Christie, a Republican,” the New York Times reported upon Fishman’s swearing in on December 14, 2009.

“Having waited nearly a decade for the job, Mr. Fishman’s was not demure in planning his ceremony. The guest list was so large that the event could not be held in the Newark federal courtroom where United States attorneys have customarily been sworn in,” the Times reported.

“Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., whom Mr. Fishman once worked for in Washington, joked that Mr. Fishman had a bigger crowd see him take his oath of office than Mr. Holder had drawn when he was sworn in as the nation’s top law enforcement officer,” according to the Times.

Fishman was joined onstage by Holder and Democratic senators Frank Lautenberg and Bob Menendez, among others.

Fishman praised then-governor-elect Christie in his remarks, saying, “If you [Christie] can bring the same energy to your new job that you did to this job, my property taxes in Montclair will be halved by June.”

But Fishman also dinged Christie’s media savvy in 2010.

“I don’t think comparisons (with Christie) are helpful,” Fishman said about his publicity-garnering Republican predecessor.

Multiple calls to Fishman’s office resulted in The Daily Caller being hung up on prematurely.

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