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No one person will bring down NYT...Ahh, finally a refreshing knock against personal branding and a plug for being part of a larger united mission. NYT Executive Editor Jill Abramson tells the paper’s Public Editor Margaret Sullivan that the recent spate of losses at the newspaper are not as awful as people might think.  “The Times is big enough and deep enough that the loss of no one person will have an effect on the quality of the news report,” Ms. Abramson said. Read the whole story.

Taking pictures in South Sudan? Um, you might want to think twice about that. See Stateless Media‘s report here.

If you’re not yet angry at NYT Bill Keller…You may not be after you read this. Keller wrote what was largely a subtle, vanilla story over the weekend about a woman who’s chronicling her cancer on a blog and on Twitter. Keller thinks that’s not exactly the quietest way to go if the woman is indeed dying. Which of course really incensed some readers — you know, normal people as well as the perpetually offended. Certainly if writing about her ordeal day in and day out helps the woman, Lisa Bonchek Adams, more power to her. As Talking Points Memo‘s Hunter Walker wrote on Twitter, “My mom survived cancer last year. Writing a regular group email to her friends and reading stuff from others helped her get through.” But that doesn’t mean Keller’s thoughts are devoid of wisdom. I only wish he’d been stronger and more defiant in his stances rather than tiptoeing around his beliefs. Keller writes, “Whether her campaign has been a public service is a more complicated question.” Read here.

Ronan Farrow might be mouthy enough for MSNBC… US Weekly, among a slew of other publications, were drawn to MSNBC Ronan Farrow‘s tweets about the tribute to Woody Allen at the Golden Globe Awards. See here. And yes, he brought up the molesting. Why not?