How to open a bottle of wine using only your shoe [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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We’ve all been there before:

It’s late and you’re home alone, curled up on the couch watching reruns of “Friends” that you’ve already seen at least four times when you remember that you have a bottle of Cab you’ve been saving for a special occasion hidden in a random cupboard in the kitchen, but you think what the hell? because you know deep-down that there won’t be any special occasions anytime soon except for your cat’s birthday and you know that’s silly because your cat only likes white wine, so you decide to open it tonight, but once you open the kitchen drawer to grab the corkscrew from its designated corkscrew place you remember that you lent it to your neighbor down the hall and now all you have is a full bottle of wine that you can’t open and an empty heart.

Well, never again will you have to feel THE HORROR of not having a corkscrew. Here is how to open a wine bottle using only a shoe, a wall and some elbow grease.

(h/t TIME)


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