No, TBS’s ‘Conan’ isn’t behind the viral video of the kid that looks like Conan O’Brien [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Greg Keating, a 20-year-old kid from New Jersey who looks just like a stouter O’Brien, made a YouTube video claiming that he is the comedian’s son, which is probably either a pretty bad joke or a really dumb way to get publicity.

The whole thing reeks of a viral stunt pulled by Conan’s show — much like the famous “twerking gone wrong” video that was actually a Jimmy Kimmel prank. But The Daily Caller has learned that “Conan” has absolutely nothing to do with Keating’s video and they don’t currently plan on promoting it, according to someone close to the TBS talk show.

The best part of this video is the kid’s resemblance to the comedian, so we won’t fault you if you stop watching a few seconds in.


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