You’ll never guess what Henry Kissinger’s son does

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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What’s the last thing you would expect the son of Henry Kissinger to do? How about help run Conan O’Brien’s production company?

That’s exactly what the former secretary of state’s only son, David, does. The fifty-something has been president of  Conaco since 2005. Before that, he served as co-president of NBC Universal Television Studio. Over his career in television development and production, Kissinger has helped bring to the small screen such shows as “House,” “The Office” and “Boy Meets World.”

A product of his father’s first marriage, David bears some resemblance to his old man:

David and Henry Kissinger

Hollywood’s Kissinger started his career in 1980 as a desk assistant for ABC’s “Nightline.” Then a sophomore at Brandeis University, he explained — perhaps humorously — to the New York Post that he got the job “the way everyone else did: connections.”

“Everyone I know who’s a desk assistant at ABC has gotten their job through their connections,” he said.

Kissinger went on to earn his undergraduate degree from Yale and a law degree from New York University. He worked as a journalist before turning to television production and development.

Saying the younger Kissinger “really isn’t much of a public figure,” Conaco’s director of publicity turned down The Daily Caller’s request for an interview.

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