Drunk-driving man gets ratted out by his talking parrot

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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Guillermo Reyes of Mexico learned the hard way that if you want a pet that talks, make sure it won’t rat you out.

Reyes, 49, was busted in Mexico City for driving under the influence in part thanks to his pet parakeet.

Reyes was stopped at an alcohol checkpoint, when police heard a voice from inside the vehicle saying, “He’s drunk! He’s drunk,” the New York Daily News reports. They thought there was another person in the car at first, but discovered a parakeet.

Reyes was indeed drunk, and was arrested and sent to go dry out in jail for the night. The bird was allowed to stay with Reyes, since officials worried the bird might die if he was separated from his owner.

No word on whether Reyes wanted the bird with him. If you have a pet bird, you might think about teaching them the phrase, “snitches get stitches.”

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