Obamacare failures prove target rich enviroment for 2014 GOP hopeful

Grae Stafford Freelance Photographer
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Kansas Republican Senate candidate Milton Wolf is out with a new healthcare proposal that “unleashes the power of the free market” to “empower patients” and fix America’s healthcare woes.

The Daily Caller has acquired an draft copy of Senate candidate Wolf’s 17-page proposal, entitled “Patient Care: Patient-centered, Market-driven healthcare.” Wolf, a medical doctor, is challenging long-term Republican incumbent Pat Roberts in a GOP primary.

The draft plan includes tax reform that would end the split of allowing employer based policies to be purchased with pre-tax dollars where as individual plans have to be purchased with post-tax dollars and portability to allow Americans to carry insurance as they move between jobs.

It would also introduce tax-free Health Savings Accounts as an incentive for hospitals to provide transparent pricing to healthcare consumers, allow seniors to purchase plans tailored to their specific needs outside of the Medicare system and allow companies to sell healthcare plans across state lines.

The plan comes at time of mounting criticism of the Affordable Care Act’s apparent inability to attract the necessary numbers of healthy young people. The administration originally calculated that 38 percent of enrollees would need to come from the ranks of these “young invincibles,” but so far they’ve fallen far short of that number.

“It’s no surprise that young Americans are not signing up for ObamaCare,” Wolf’s campaign told TheDC. “They’re not stupid. ObamaCare is fundamentally flawed and will continue to fail which is why it must be fully repealed.”

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