Sen. Cornyn slams White House opposition to Obamacare transparency bill

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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Republican Texas Sen. John Cornyn slammed “the audacity” of the Obama White House for vowing to block a bill that would give Congress weekly updates on the status of Obamacare.

The White House claimed that Rep. Lee Terry’s Exchange Information Disclosure Act, which would require the administration to report website visitor counts, website functionality problems and a full list of Obamacare navigators, is “costly” and “extraneous.” The Congressional Budget Office evaluated the bill and gave it a cost score of zero, which Cornyn’s office noted.

“After everything that has gone wrong with Obamacare, the very least this administration can do is commit to providing Americans with regular updates on the program,” Cornyn said in a statement. “I find it incredible that President Obama, who promised to run the most transparent administration in history, has the audacity to refuse additional transparency measures for a program that is in such obvious need of oversight and review.”

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