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Slate’s new editorial assistant: zero benefits, weirdness assured

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Slate‘s Editor David Plotz is touting the prestige of a job vacancy once held by the likes of NYT‘s Jodi Kantor, author of the bestselling book The  Obamas, TNR Editor Franklin Foer, Slate Deputy Editor Julia Turner, and Daily Beast national correspondent Curtis Bryan, among others.

The position: Editorial Assistant, Washington, D.C.

Image-7Highlights: They prefer someone with editorial experience, good editorial judgment and “a wide knowledge and interest in political and economic issues.” It’s a 12-month contract position without benefits. The hire’s primary responsibility will be to provide “editorial research” and “administrative assistance” to Slate political editors and reporters. Just think…you too can work with the never weird and always sociable Dave Weigel and Matt Yglesias. But that’s not all: “There will also be opportunities for occasional writing and blogging.” Maybe Yglesias will even take you to his hot spot for lunch: the grass at Dupont Circle. (His August, 2013 story had the headline, “Eating lunch outside sucks, stay inside.” In it, he mentions the possibility of relieving himself outside. Don’t let that scare you about his awkwardness. It’ll be a blast.)

Wow. Twelve long months with Weigel and Yglesias – what could possibly be better? Where do we sign up?

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