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Thank you for Sharing: 9 pieces of hate mail

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Over the weekend, some readers of The Daily Caller‘s Mirror blog went on a rampage after my post on CNN Jake Tapper‘s interview with Lone Survivor author Marcus Luttrell, a Navy SEAL who appeared on his program Friday to promote a new film by the same name. In my story, “Glenn Beck ridiculously scolds CNN’s Jake Tapper in 2 a.m. battle,” I called Beck a “world renowned dingbat” (in some circles a statement like this causes primal screaming) and shredded a story that appeared in his publication, TheBlaze, that insisted that Tapper said the lives lost in Afghanistan were “worth nothing” and knocked Beck for his condescending tweets against Tapper. Some readers deserve major points for creativity, as I always appreciate being called “a bimbo hack” and informed that my work is a “pile of crap.” So here they are: the Best in Hate from what I received in my email inbox and on Twitter. Please note: I did not correct the notes for grammar, spelling or punctuation. (Have something you want to get off your chest? Write me at or


9. “You are the dingbat”

“You are the dingbat betsy, not GB. Crawl back into the hole from which you slithered out.”

8. “You moron”

“And world renowned dingbat? go educate yourself on how to write an article you moron”


7.  “Bitches runin wild”

Hey Betsy, Your email is all jacked up. Did you write that story about GBeck ragging on jake tapper? I am not defending beck. I didn’t ever hear what he said. You didn’t think that interview was bitch and disrespectful? Why did Marcus come down on him? WTF? I don’t know what interview you watched. He did the whole pussy little left wing attack. The war was total BS. Bush is evil. This war wasn’t necessary. Our soldiers were killed for nothing. How can you possibly come down on Beck when it was Marcus who came down on him like a ton bricks? He straitened Tapper’s ass out , Real Quick. Did you miss that? That was fucking beautiful. If Tapper continued that BS, Marcus would have started screaming at him. Did you not see how serious he was? You are obviously trying to kiss up to Tapper. And take a shot at Beck. I hear Tapper’s a stud. I don’t doubt that. I understand he has to play that bitch role. Not to our fucking troops . Tapper was shitting his pants. He backed down so fast. He dissed our Warrior, Period. You can make any excuse you want. That’s all , DG east east Oakland. Wow I just read your whole article. WHAT THE FUCK? Now I see you are a complete tweak.”At that moment, Luttrell strangely misinterpreted Tapper’s comments” Um No. He didn’t misinterpret anything. The question is, why are you attacking Luttrell? . It is You who misinterpreted what Tapper said. So let me get this straight, Luttrell misinterpreted Tapper and unfairly came after him. And glenn beck took Luttrell’s side and beat up Tapper??? That’s your story? You have the fucking nerve to write on the Daily Caller that one of American’s greatest heroes is “confused”.? You are a fucking idiot. Do work for MSNBGAY? I heard exactly what Luttrell , and all none-Bitch folks heard on that interview. Tucker: what’s up with this freak? Bitches runin wild

6.  “May you never sleep well again” 

“WHAT A PIECE YOU PUT INTO PRINT. I am 1 of many many that respect Glen BECK. You are one of many Journalists that  are Progressive——————-YOU HAVE NO IDEA              as to what is really happening—Why don’t you report on Lois Learner[IRS] OR NSA [Obama} OR Fast & Furious[ E. Holder] Or the lies of [Obama] & health care. Your thoughts are very shallow. May you never sleep well again knowing I wrote this email”

5. “Pile of crap” 

“Wow, Betsy rothstein’s story about Marcus Luttrell interview with Jack Trapper was a journalistic pile of crap.
The daily caller just got taken off my reading list, shame on you for carrying water for cnn.”

4. “Who was the editor that allowed this?” 

“Betsy’s strange, “cuckoo,” criticism of Beck and reporting by The Blaze was over the top. It felt like her piece was written by Ed Schultz. I read both The Blaze and Daily Caller on a daily basis and don’t appreciate seeing warfare between two media outlets. Plus, I’ve watched the Tapper interview and feel his question was insensitive. People like Tapper probably only understand the drive to protect ones family, not a whole country of people he doesn’t know. Who was the editor that allowed Betsy’s piece to go to print? Bad judgement call.”

3. “Tapper’s an ass-wipe” 

“I’m not a Glenn Beck fan, but Tapper’s use of the word ‘senseless’ means something. A ‘senseless’ death means exactly what it sounds like, that it was for nothing. There was no meaning or sense to it. Tapper’s an ass-wipe and Luttrell would have been justified in punching his lights out.”

2. “Another bimbo hack” 

“Read your bio. Can’t keep a job long? Remarkable mix of duties at ‘The Hill’ ….’She spent the next decade on Capitol Hill covering hard news, features and gossip for The Hill Newspaper.’ Seems you should stick to gossip based on your apparent competencies. Your work makes you look like another bimbo hack masquerading as a journalist. Let’s hope you move on from The DC soon before you can damage its credibility. Most Disrespectfully,” Dear Disrespectfully: Respectfully, a decade at a job is a pretty good run. Let’s do lunch! 

1. “You should be writing for Huffington Post”

“I just read your article. Rearding luttrells response to Tappers comments. I agree with the critism of Tapper. Perhaps you should be writing for huffington post”