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News editor or emotional basket case? 

“Each time I come back to it, sickened at new level by Kellers’ cruelty, moral obtuseness, self-importance and unalloyed awfulness.” — TalkingPointsMemo‘s Josh Marshall. Yes, we should all be sickened that a human being expressed his view on a subject that doesn’t line up with Marshall’s. So that makes NYT columnist Bill Keller and his wife Emma cruel and awful (eye roll).

Overheard in the Newsroom

“Llamas are dicks.” — Anonymous.

(Have an overheard in your newsroom you’d like to share? Write me at or The

Mirror inbox: “Do you have BLANK’s email address? Something for BLANK. I won’t send her dick pics.”

In praise of Folkenflik

“In solidarity w/real journalist, just bought @davidfolkenflik‘s ‘Murdoch’s World.’ Thanks @GeraldoRivera for the nudge.”  — Connie Schultz, journalist and wife to Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio). David Folkenflik covers the media for NPR.

Bowl of blood or sweet delicacy? 


“Beta-test of @glensgardenmkt chefs table dessert: Popcorn meringue w/ root beer berry preserves & ice cream.”Politico‘s Ken Vogel, whose wife, Danielle, runs Glens Garden Market off Dupont Circle.

Advice for journalists

“As promised, some of @arishapiro‘s advice to follow: keep a journal. ‘The most interesting experiences…won’t make it to air.'” — NPR White House Correspondent Tamara Keith.

In the anti-social age of Twitter…

“Depressing to think how many clever things I said in my pre-Twitter life that were wasted on people I was actually talking to.” — Adam Feldman Time Out theater and cabaret critic.

Convo Between Two Journos

This morning’s conversation is between BuzzFeed’s Dorsey Shaw and Breitbart News editor John Nolte. 

SHAW: “Morning Joe, an MSNBC show, talking about the ‘crushing overload’ of Christie coverage on cable news.”

NOLTE: “Without irony.”

SHAW: “I think Mika Brzezinski just referred to lefty bloggers who criticize Morning Joe’s love for Chris Christie as “the Cheeto people.”

Uh oh.

“Went for morning run. Hurt knee. Now a few miles from my apartment.” — TheBlaze‘ avid TV watcher Oliver Darcy.

Tooth fairy pays visit to D.C.’s paparazzi 

“WOW when i was 5 i lost a tooth, the tooth fairy left $5 under my pillow, yesterday i lost a tooth, & the tooth fairy left me $20 #Believe” — Mark Wilkins, a.k.a Marky Marky, D.C.’s paparazzi photog.