George Will: ‘Iran is claiming victory and I think probably rightly so’

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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Those who believe it would be a national security disaster if Iran obtains nuclear weapons won’t be heartened by George Will’s analysis.

The legendary conservative columnist says he believes that Iran is rightly claiming victory over its interim nuclear agreement with the United States.

President Obama “has said on November 23rd he wants to be able to verify that Iran cannot build — not that it’s not building —  but cannot build,” Will said on Fox News’ “Special Report” Tuesday. “Trouble with that is as long as they have the right to enrich, the capacity to enrich, and the stock of low enriched uranium, they can build a weapon. And that is why Iran is claiming victory, and I think probably rightly so.”

Will later said that he expects Iran to become a nuclear power.

“I expect they will act on this,” Will said, predicting Congress will pass a bill placing more sanctions on Iran if a deal does not ultimately materialize to roll back its nuclear program. “I expect the president will veto what they do and I expect the whole kabuki dance will make no difference whatever because the Iranians want, can and will get nuclear weapons.”

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