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Mirror Mailbox: My heart is ‘bigger than Christie’s ass’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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The following letter is in reaction to the “Thank you for Sharing: 9 pieces of hate mail” post we ran Tuesday. See that here.

From William Bombelyn: “Betsy, I did not read the article (Tapper V Beck). I did read the hate mail and I just wanted to share a little trivia. Bimbo was the loyal companion animal of Betty Boop. He was one of the smarter cartoon dogs and he regularly saved Ms. Boop’s butt. I’m always sickened by people who attack the messenger when they can’t argue a point to convince others to change their mind. As a disabled veteran I know that what we do (or did) is neither moral or heroic and the culture of hero worship sickens me. Sometime go to the statehouse in Oklahoma and look for the asterisks on the ten commandments. I think you get my point, keep up the good work and don’t let the non-thinkers get you down. Just from your “thank you for sharing” post I can tell that you must have a heart bigger than Chris Christies A$$.(oops).”

Editor’s note: As I intimated on Twitter, there are few bigger compliments than being told your heart is bigger than New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s ass.