This guy narrowly escaped a tiger shark attack. Fortunately, his brother caught it all on camera. [VIDEO]

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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Shaun and Dean Harrington, 27, are just two Aussie twins that chase after the next adrenaline high they can find. They own a surfing and fishing clothing label called, “The Mad Hueys” and shoot crazy videos to promote it.

These bros decided to try their own spin on cage diving off of the Gold Coast, which is notorious for its dangerous sharks. In a brilliant move, they used only a standard birdcage around Shaun’s head as protection, making for an understandably close brush to a 10-foot tiger shark.

Shaun told the Telegraph, “I jumped into the water and was swimming with the cage and the next thing I knew, the bloody thing was coming at me. I was flailing around like crazy to get back on the boat before it sunk its teeth into me.”

It seems like he’s learned his lesson however. He promised, “We definitely won’t be doing anything as stupid as this again. My girlfriend said ‘no more – no more sharks.”

How crazy do you have to be to try and pull this off?

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