All white people — and half of Obama — be crazy, rapper claims

Neil Munro White House Correspondent
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Half of President Barack Obama is “crazy” because he had a white mother, according to a new rap song by an entrepreneur named “Rawcus.”

The lyrics emphasize the racial claim repeatedly…

White people be crazy

all white people crazy

white people they crazy.

…while showing Internet videos of haywire stunts by people of pallor, including Americans, Russians, Brits and Australians.

Miley Cyrus she crazy

Walter White he crazy

“Half Obama, he crazy,” says the video, which shows a split-screen picture of Obama with white skin and dark skin.

“Trailer parks, country music, golf carts, duck hunting, watching hockey, NASCAR, ask any white person they know… and they admit they know they crazy for sure,” Rawcus raps.

The lyrics also describe some other black people as white.

Nick Cannon is crazy.

Nick Cannon is a black singer and actor, who married a mixed race woman, Mariah Carey. The video also shows Michael Jackson.

Charlie Sheen and Will.I.Am, aw man they crazy

I say Bill Clinton he crazy…

“Yo, you white people crazy,” Rawcus says, before he asks white people to buy his song.

Some of your white-ass money, one dollar

… one dollar, just one f…. dollar.

Rawcus’ ethnic humor has some prominent supporters.

“Black folks are finding it harder than ever to keep some of our little secrets to ourselves … [and] Rawcus has put yet another one on blast,” according to Jamilah Lemieux, the news and lifestyle editor for EBONY.com.

“‘White people crazy’ is something that your average Black person says at least once a day … regardless of the rapper’s racial identity or intention behind the song, it is a hoot and a holler,” she says.

“It’s not mean-spirited or hateful and it’s a good ‘laugh to keep from crying’ anthem for those of us who have been subject to the ways of crazy White people for a very long time,” she adds.

Update: Rawcus’ manager Swerve responded to The Daily Caller after publication:

“While it’s entirely meant to be amusing, I can see how people with a certain sense of humor (or lack thereof) may be offended. Have you ever seen Chappelle Show? This satire is light in comparison and that show ran on Cable TV. I can empathize with the feeling of not thinking something is funny, not everything is funny to everyone. In this case, every person has the choice to watch or not. The fact is, we are all a little crazy. It’s a human condition, and this video makes light of culture and believe it or not, is coming from a place of love and laughter.

“And as for pointing out that our president is mixed race, it is simply an affirmation of how culturally open we as Americans are becoming. It takes a forward thinking mind to understand this concept.”

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