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Attack a Politico reporter or not, watch out for Glenn Thrush’s wrath. Today TIME‘s David Von Drehle wonders about the not-quite-yet campaign of Hillary Clinton for president in 2016. Thrush lashed out on Twitter, saying, “Love the ‘recent barrage” line dismissing deep dive reporting into HRC ’16. Guess @maggiepolitico is a barrage.” The assumption that Haberman is the only one suspecting Hillary might run is rather hilarious. Read Von Drehle’s story here. His apparent cutting line that referred only to Haberman: “Hillary Clinton has not decided whether to run for President again. I have this on good authority, despite a recent barrage of reports detailing the many moves that signal a campaign in the making.”

The NYT is rather lame in its credit for HuffPost‘s story on the uproar between Politico‘s Mike Allen and WaPo‘s Erik Wemple. They clearly followed HuffPost‘s Michael Calderone every step of the way and their near identical quotes show as much. Calderone got the original quotes from Allen. NYT followed. They do link to the HuffPost story but they never mention the publication. They write only, “It had been reported that they editors at The Post and Politico would meet in person, but instead talked over the phone.” When you do the same “original” reporting as the publication that broke the news is it actually original reporting or just a do-over so your editors think you’re giving them fresh information? Read here and here and here.

Daily Beast rips Al Jazeera on Scarlett Johansson Sodastream non-controversy…See here. Daily Beast asserts that the only controversy was four tweets that amounted to nothing.

Page Six lays into Jeff Zucker’s morning program…Today NYP‘s Richard Johnson writes that CNN’s “New Day” has been doing horribly in the ratings department. They cite Nielson ratings and write that on Monday the program hit its bottom. The best part of this story, however, comes from an unnamed CNN spokeswoman (at all the networks, they’re mostly women and they always go unnamed!) saying, “The facts are, ‘New Day’ is the only cable morning show to show growth last year, and has cut the gap by more than half with [MSNBC’s] ‘Morning Joe.’ ” What does that even mean, and why no name?  See the story.

TERRIBLE NEWS: WSJ reporter goes missing…see here. NBC News now reporting that his credit card was used in Mexico on Wednesday night.

Eliot Spitzer still a pig, this time an allegedly drunken one…Read here.