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5 Dumbest Tweets of the Week

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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The week in dunces…

A serious honorable mention goes to U.S. News & World ReportsStephanie Slade, who, at the crack of dawn today wrote the following message to her followers: “‘Can you take me to BWI? Flying U.S. Air.’ ‘Sure. No suitcase?’ ‘I’ll be home later today.’ “Get in late tonight?’ ‘Six p.m.'”

5. “Seriously, seriously good thing your eyes don’t steam up like glasses do if there’s a lot of heat & steam. Just wanted to flag that.” — TPM‘s Josh Marshall.

4. “My son’s socks have such a life of their own I’m surprised they don’t have a Twitter account.” — Slate and CBS’ John Dickerson.

3. “Darn it! Out the door2 Zumba class but it was cancelled. No others taking place while Jeffrey’s in tap class …guess it’s treadmill 4 me.” — ABC “The View’s” Sherri Shepherd.

2. “Pretty surprising that it’s already Thursday and people aren’t making day of the week jokes.” — Washington Examiner‘s Online Editor Justin Green. Yes, he makes a return appearance on this list this week!

Author intrigued by his own book

1. “One nugget I’m intrigued by in my book was the canceled meeting between Ailes and the Koch Brothers before 2012 election. Ailes backed out.” — Gabriel Sherman, New York Magazine contributor and author of THE LOUDEST VOICE IN THE ROOM.