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CNN anchor Bernard Shaw is being inducted into black journalists’ hall of fame. Wolf Blitzer: “Congratulations to Bernard Shaw from all of us here at CNN. When I came here 24 years ago he was a huge huge help to me.”

Check out CEO of National Federal Credit Unions Dan Berger‘s leadership blog…he launches it today. See here.


Journo Love

“Have to say that @JohnAvlon is doing very good things with the Daily Beast. Good hiring, good story sense, doesn’t overpromise.” — Commentary’s John Podhoretz.

Ingenious or incredibly stupid? 

“I’m going to change my avi to a chick in a bikini and get so many followers.” — TheBlaze’ D.C.-based business writer T. Becket Adams.

ABC7 reporter upsets his diet

“I broke down tonight kids. Had a burger and fries and so much more. Tomorrow lettuce and black beans. Okay and maybe a manhattan or 2.” — ABC7’s Stephen Tschida.

Fun times with Newt Gingrich and Tom DeLay

“Fun to be on @Crossfire w/ @newtgingrich & Tom DeLay – who look bipartisan & moderate compared to the R’s@BarackObama has to deal w/ today.” — CNN Contributor Paul Begala, who appeared on CNN’s “Crossfire” last night.

Will his coffin involve coconut shell? 

“Sad news: Russell Johnson,who played the Professor on Gilligan’s Island,has died. No word if they’ll build his coffin out of a coconut shell.” — C-SPAN Communications Director Howard Mortman.

In response to a question from WTOP about D.C. men and romance… at 5:34 a.m. today Katie (who apparently works in some aspect of D.C. media) writes, “DC as a city could be romantic, but I’ve found the guys here not so much. They think successful women don’t like pampering.”

bullshitgifBullshit alert…Right. WaPo‘s “reported” media writer Erik Wemple, who helped drive Allbritton’s TBD into the ground, is the epitome of ethics and reporting. This week he announced that he has no ulterior motives for what he writes. Yes, he gave himself that stamp of approval, writing, “If you scroll back through my archive,” he told the NYT, “you’ll find that if you’re looking for vendettas I don’t have any of them. I’m not a person with a lot of anger in my veins.” On his own “reported” media blog, he grew pretty defensive at the assertion by Politico‘s Editor-in-Chief John Harris accused him of “advancing a a personal or competitive agenda rather than a fair or responsible journalistic one.” Wemple snapped back, “This blog does no favors for The Post and has never received instructions, orders, suggestions, hints or winks from management to go after any particular competitor — Politico or otherwise. In fact, we’ve written posts critical of our own organization — posts that, an observer might remark, hardly advance The Post’s competitive position. Nor is there any ‘personal’ agenda at this blog.” Give me a f–king break. Read here for a refresher on how he’s quick to use his friends in his pieces, slow to go into a story without a preconceived notion and just generally shady in the way he operates. Wemple might want to seek out his colleague Gene Weingarten and borrow his dog shit avatar for awhile. Might serve him well to remember what he writes with great regularity.

Convo Between Two Journos

Miami Herald‘s Marc Caputo: I just don’t think @JebBush wants to do it. But who knows? Plenty of time.

TIME‘s Mark Halperin: Reporters really aren’t in the tank for @JebBush . But most who know him like & respect him=big edge

Marc Caputo: maybe. But @JebBush was my favorite gov to cover

Media Matters writer smooches MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow

“Anyone who thinks there’s a way out for Christie isn’t watching yet another methodic @maddow examination of the damning facts.” — Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert.